Why Downtown?

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Downtown:

  1. Pueblo's City Center features Colorado's only developable urban waterfront property, called HARP or the Riverwalk.
  2. Construction costs in Pueblo are considerably less that most cities in the United States.
  3. Pueblo offers resources like the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority, the Pueblo Economic Development Cooperation (PEDCO), and the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, which work together to create a joint incentive packages to attract your development project.
  4. The demand for retail and residential development continues, unlike major cities where the market is saturated.
  5. Pueblo's City Center is rich in arts, culture, and education, featuring a national recognized Buell Children's Museum and regional library.
  6. Situated at City Center Drive and Main, the Pueblo Convention Center attracts year-round visitors to support City Center merchants.
  7. Pueblo's City Center offer outdoor recreational activities including kayaking and biking.
  8. Union Avenue features unique boutiques that attract people throughout the year.
  9. Pueblo's City Center is home to many of Colorado's prized historic buildings ripe for redevelopment.
  10. Downtown Pueblo is attracting a growing number of college students to the area.


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